Genese Solution’s founder, Anjani Phuyal, represents Nepal at Financial Sector Conference in Riyadh

शनिबार, चैत्र ४ २०७९

Kathmandu - Financial leaders from around the world gathered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the second edition of the Financial Sector Conference (FSC 2023). The conference, with the theme of ‘Promising Financial Prospects’, aimed to provide a platform for more than 3,000 industry leaders from finance, technology, and business around the world to discuss and navigate the way forward for the global financial sector.

 Organised by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, and Capital Markets Authority, FSC 2023 is a quadrennial event that offers a unique platform for discussing current challenges and opportunities, building productive partnerships in the financial sector, and proposing solutions to pressing industry issues. The conference also aligned with ‘Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030’ and is an attempt to support its ambition of being a regional fintech power.

Anjani Phuyal, founder and Global CTO of the multinational digital transformation company Genese Solution, was among the attendees invited by Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance. Mr. Phuyal, a prominent leader in the Nepali tech-landscape, completed his Msc in Computer Network and Security from Middlesex University of London and founded the UK-headquartered IT company, Genese Solution. He has extensive experience of working at reputed organisations like UNDP and Capital One, a leading bank holding company. At FSC 2023, Mr. Phuyal had a great platform to share his expertise and explore business collaborations and connections. 

With over 100 panelists and speakers, FSC 2023 featured powerful panel discussions, strategic conversations, and knowledge-sharing platforms for experts to share their experiences, insights, challenges, and opportunities in the finance sector. Discussions also included regulations and legislation for the development of the industry. The delegates included ministers and officials from various nations and representatives from leading companies in the finance sector including Goldman Sachs, World Bank, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and S & P Ratings.

 The conference offered an open, dynamic, and engaging platform where leaders discussed their shared responsibility to shape the direction and bring innovation in the industry. From local to global issues, the participants explored topics like risk avoidance, the transformational role of Big Tech in finance, and the requirement of better regulations around transparency. The delegates also addressed current global scenarios such as increasing interest rates, risk management strategies, market fluctuations, and other new challenges and opportunities in the industry.

The two keynote speeches were on the topics ‘Digital Securities & Stablecoins: Establishing a Stable Future Market Structure’ and ‘The Place for Multilateral Development Bank (MDB) in the Broader Financial Ecosystem’. The conference concluded with extensive discussions of the future financial sector in light of digitization.

 As the world becomes progressively more interconnected and digitized, the role of advanced technology is bound to increase in all sectors. Tech companies working for broad sectors like finance play an important role in the vision of a digitized world.

“Genese Solution is one of those progressive IT companies that looks forward to transforming for a better future through technology. Currently active in eight countries, we offer cloud computing and consulting services to numerous global clients. We have been serving and supporting reputed companies in their digital transformation journey. Our clients include leading future financial services in capital markets, crypto, data engineering, and data analytics,” said Mr Phuyal.

Genese’s founder Anjani Phuyal’s participation in FSC 2023 brings optimism and hope for the growth and new avenues of contribution and representation of Nepal in the global FinTech industry.